Open hours
Gym8:00 a.m. – 09:30 p.m.

All hotel guests have free access to the gym.

Our gym is equipped with:

  • Exercise machine: chest, back, arms, legs
  • 2 exercise machines – adduction and extension of legs, internal and external muscles
  • Rowing machine (legs, arms, back, chest)
  • Leg trainer (buttocks)
  • 3 exercise machines for pulling the legs to the chest (abs, back, buttocks)
  • Horizontal bar
  • Back trainer
  • Shoulders trainer
    Leg trainer: front, back, hips
  • Leg trainer (squat and bench press)
  • Chest (horizontal bar press)
  • Chest trainer (middle lower upper)
  • Abs machine
    Oblique muscle abs machine
  • Exercise machine biceps + triceps, back + shoulders
    Biceps + Triceps Trainer
  • Sports mat + abs top. + bottom
  • Dumbbell set

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